Aquarium maintenance


Our knowledgeable maintenance technicians use the most advanced techniques to keep your aquarium thriving so that you can focus on enjoying your aquarium!

Our Aquarium Services:

  • Home & Office Experts

  • Routine cleanings & maintenance

  • Basic water changes

  • Complete tear-downs and re-builds

  • New tank setup

  • Complicated plumbing systems

  • Amazing reef aquarium systems

  • Custom lighting LED / Metal Halide / Reef conversions

• Vacation Services

Emergency service 24hrs a day

Aquarium Full Maintenance  Package Includes:


• Partial water change if necessary

• Test water parameters & replenish depleted essential elements

• Check and adjust salinity

• Clean substrate

• Clean and adjust protein skimmer

• Clean and polish hardware and exterior of aquarium

• Clean all ornaments and artificial plants

• Deliver and place any pre-purchased plants, fish, and merchandise.

Emergency & After Hours Service

A one hour minimum charge will apply to all emergency or after hours service calls or additional service calls due to conditions beyond our control.



Our Livestock

We can accommodate most requests and supply and properly acclimate all livestock; from the most delicate and highly sought after fish and corals to awe inspiring sharks or sting rays. All of our livestock is handpicked and inspected by one of our highly knowledgeable staff before it is brought directly to your home or office. Our technicians will take great care in adding fish that are healthy and compatible to your aquatic environment.

As an added bonus all of our maintenance & service clients receive a 100% livestock credit towards any fish or corals that die within 2 weeks!